2017 Yamaha YXZ1000R Chassis & Suspension guide

Specifications on paper are great but its how the whole package delivers in the real world that really matters. Engine and drivetrain are totally in sync with chassis and suspension that really defines the Yamaha YXZ1000R as the world’s first pure sport side-by-side. It is the most exciting and capable sport side-by-side. It all starts with a frame that underwent thousands of hours of testing and refinement to develop the most durable, most high-performance chassis ever created in the category in both function and form.


The new Yamaha YXZ1000R are equipped with Yamaha-spec Fox 2.5 podium piggyback reservoir front and rear shocks developed to specifically provide industry best handling. With 26-inch shocks upfront jaunting defiantly through the deeply raked front hood, soaking up 16 inches of travel. In the rear, massive 32-inch piggyback shocks with bottom-out technology posting 17 inches of rear wheel travel. Rear shocks also utilize foxes newest technology including bottom out cup that allows a plus ride while minimizing and finding out on big whoops and G-outs, and they’re mounted out as far as possible to both provide optimal stroke and minimizing camper change of the rear tire throughout the entire range of travel. All four corners are fully adjustable with high low speed compression rebound and threaded preload. All riding on a dual rate Springs for a new level of suspension performance. For 2017 all new SE model comes equipped with Yamaha exclusive fox podium X2 shocks with the internal bypass valving, separate high and low speed compression, industry-first high and low rebound adjustment, dual rate spring with adjustable crossover. All combined to produce a much smoother ride over tiny bumps and incredible high-speed performance.


All YXZ models feature a rigid spherical bearing a-arm design that reduces flex and maintain straight tracking to deliver exceptional high-speed handling and the confidence inspiring planted feeling in tough terrain and over deep whoops all day long. And the front a arm geometry optimizes the caster angle throughout the full range of travel. Boosting cornering a ability and positive steering feedback with light effort. Tuned front and rear anti-sway bars also contribute to the flatter cornering feel while maintaining the right amount of flex for greater comfort and terrain following ability.

Now, add in Yamaha’s industry leading on command four-wheel-drive System and the YXZ will take you just about anywhere you want to go. With the twist of a dial on command gives the driver old attraction and control. With easily selectable two-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive full diff lock modes. And you decide the mode, unlike competitive systems that need wheel slip and traction loss before four-wheel-drive kicks in. Aggressive massive Big Horn 2.0 radial tires mounted on ultra strong 14-inch alloy wheels provide extreme performance, precise steering, unmatched sliding character, And excellent ground clearance. SE models add the additional protection of true beayamaha-yxz-1000r-fox-shocks-adjustment-dialsd lock wheels along with stylish paint and trim options. Every YXZ comes with extremely durable Full coverage composite Full skid plates to protect the underbody regardless of what you throw at. To the competition, here’s a suggestion, just get in a YXZ and drive it, Drive it hard. And then get into any of the other guys and try to do the same thing. What are they talking about, specs numbers on paper, they fail to mention they’re focus on big numbers overlooks the whole machine balance that you get with the YXZ. Enabling it to perform in the real world on the kinds of terrain you really ride. With the level of confidence and performance that’s never been achieved before. Now adding Yamaha’s industry-leading speed sensitive EPS (Electric power steering) for the best balance of assist with positive terrain feedback. And when you come up fast on a hard transition, twin piston calipers clamp down on big 245 mm rotors on all four wheels for excellent breaking power and fade resistance even under heavy and repeated use. Every inch of it is built to Yamaha’s world-class standards for durability, and quality.

Suspension / Front Independent double wishbone w/anti-sway bar, fully adjustable FOX® 2.5 Podium® X2 Shocks; 16.2-in travel
Suspension / RearIndependent double wishbone w/anti-sway bar, fully adjustable FOX® 2.5 Podium® X2 Shocks ; 17.0-in travel
Brakes / Front Dual hydraulic disc
Brakes / Rear Dual hydraulic disc 
Tires / Front 27 x 9.00R-14 Maxxis® MU09
Tirres / Rear 27 x 11.00R-14 Maxxis® MU10



All-New Terrain Conquering, Industry-Exclusive FOX® Podium® X2 Shocks
Huge piggyback twin-wall FOX® 2.5 Podium® X2 Shocks bring a whole new level of adjustability by giving you high- and low-speed compression damping adjustments, as well as high- and low-speed rebound, all conveniently mounted to the top of the shock body. All shocks also feature dual springs with crossover adjustment— providing 16.2 inches front and 17.0 inches rear travel.

Special Edition Features
In addition to the industry-first, twin-wall Fox® 2.5 Podium® X2 Shocks and durable color-matched bead-lock wheels, the YXZ1000R SE is highlighted by a darkly aggressive Matte Black paint and red graphics package with matching A-arms and ROPS frame for standout style.

Aggressive Style
Radical styling shows off Yamaha’s passion for powersports. And form follows function, as the front suspension design permits an extremely low hood line for excellent trail visibility.

All-New Terrain Conquering, Industry-Exclusive FOX® Podium® X2 Shocks
No other suspension on the market can match the YXZ1000R Special Edition’s ability to deliver both low-speed comfort over the harshest chop while at the same time providing incredible bottoming resistance. Huge piggyback twin-wall FOX® 2.5 Podium® X2 Shocks bring a whole new level of adjustability by not only giving you high- and low-speed compression damping adjustments, but, for the first time ever, high- and low-speed rebound as well, all mounted to the top of the shock body for easy tuning. All shocks also feature dual springs with crossover adjustment— providing 16.2 inches front and 17.0 inches rear travel.

Optimized Suspension Geometry
Rigid spherical-joint double A-arms suspension retains ideal castor angle and bump response throughout the entire travel range, for excellent cornering ability, light steering feel and straight line stability across the roughest terrain. Front and rear sway bars minimize body roll for flatter, more responsive cornering.

Pure Sports Chassis
Optimized frame dimensions make the YXZ1000R SE the best handling sport SxS on the planet. In addition to the performance and durability that comes with Yamaha’s exacting standards, the YXZ1000R SE also includes extensive occupant protection without sacrificing driver visibility, and a full-frame composite underbody skidplate protects the chassis from rocks and debris.

Yamaha Electric Power Steering (EPS)
The YXZ1000R SE features Yamaha’s class-leading speed-sensitive EPS, for reduced steering effort and precise handling in virtually all conditions. The EPS unit is lightweight and compact, mounted high on the new rack-and-pinion steering system, further protecting it from dirt and debris.

Powerful All-Wheel Disc Brakes
The YXZ1000R SE offers precise braking control thanks to twin-piston calipers clamping down on 245mm rotors at all four wheels, for excellent braking power, feel and fade-resistance under hard use. An automotive-style parking brake lever is mounted in the cabin’s center console.

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