Warn Industries – XT 40 Winch

When we were invited to visit Warn’s manufacturing facility in Clackamas, Oregon, we looked forward to finally seeing how these little things we call winches are manufactured. Warn is known for making some of the best recovery equipment the industry has ever seen. Known primarily for their winch technology, Warn also makes a wide variety of accessories for trucks, heavy machinery, down to the little vehicles we know as UTVs. Warn has changed tremendously in 60 years, yet the company remains true to its core: delivering exciting, innovative products to all its customers worldwide. In fact, after visiting their manufacturing plant, it’s obvious why Warn has been so successful. Not only do they produce a full line of Warn branded products, they develop OEM accessories for companies such as Yamaha and Polaris, as well. Part of their success has been their streamlined manufacturing processes that utilize state-of-the-art testing and assembly equipment. This allows them to deliver raw stock material daily rather than having to sit on old stock for extended periods of time. Not only that, but Warn has very long-term and dedicated employees, which speaks well for the corporate structure of Warn. And, although they have over 600 employees worldwide, they try to keep it as little corporate as possible with an emphasis on fun. Did you know that from the days they began in 1948 that they’ve never had a corporate-wide layoff? In fact, due to the ever changing demands of consumers, they’ve always been able to restructure internally to utilize less demanded employees in different areas of the business.


To highlight Warn’s products for UTVs, we’ve included a list of items they manufacture for just UTVs. But, keep in mind, they make recovery equipment for your truck, farm equipment, and tow trucks, too.

  • XT & RT Line of Winches (XT 40 shown above) http://espanafarmacia.net/clomid/
  • XT is designed for the extreme rider that puts their winch through hell and back
  • RT is designed to help you get the job done right

Winch Mounting Kits - Warn makes a mounting kit for nearly every ATV and UTV available, not to mention their remote mounting systems for the times you might need to pull from the rear

Body Armor - Warn makes full skids and A-arm guards for the Prowler, Teryx, Rhino, Ranger, and RZR

Accessories - Wireless controllers, rigging accessories, pre-packaged accessory kits, neoprene winch covers, roller and hawse fairleads, clevises, and synthetic ropes

Bumpers - Warn’s bumpers are some of the coolest looking and most functional ones we’ve seen.

Plows - With their new Power Pivot, plowing just got a whole lot easier to do with your UTV

Lights - Bet you didn’t know Warn was coming out with a new inexpensive HID light

Aside from all that, Warn has introduced a very handy battery powered winch called the PullzAll. It will attach to virtually anything and pull up to 1,000 lbs. And, last but not least, utilizing the PullzAll, you can now hoist an ATV or even a RZR up into the bed of your truck with their new hoist. For more information on everything Warn Industries has to offer, check out their website: www.warn.com

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